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This is the best job on the planet. We mean that. Liz and Richard take photos out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Nathan holds it down in Sechelt, British Columbia. We've got both coasts covered. Liz will squeal with delight when she see's you in your dress. When Nathan isn't nailing compositionally perfect portraits you can find him in the middle of the dancefloor capturing your uncle doing the worm. Richard sees things no one else does. He likes getting that crazy-angle-you-would-have-never-even-thought-of. The three of them are One Blue Fish Photography. They operate independently but prefer to work together. It happens a few times a year and when it does it's magical. Chatting with them is like meeting an old friend. It's like they've always been there. If you're getting married in Nova Scotia you'll meet with Liz and Richard. If you're wedding is in British Columbia you'll connect with Nathan. Simple, no?