Where to even begin when trying to describe this wedding? To say it was a crazy adventure is the understatement of the century. If I had to sum it up in two words, they would be Forest Fire. Though of course there needs to be one more word used while trying to sum up the magic of July 8th, 2017. Love. 

I suppose I should start at the beginning. Richard & I are both from 100 Mile House, it was at the Junior High School that our paths first crossed. At that point any thought of a relationship was doomed, as I was going to be moving all the way across the country to Nova Scotia. Needless to say a decade later we reconnected and here we are, in love. 

Enough of our love story though, this is the story of Eric & Heather. Two souls who were destined to end up together, come hell or high water - Or more accurately forest fire, in their case. 

I have known Eric forever, he is one of the best friends to my crazy awesome brother in law Halley & my beautiful and brilliant sister Krissie. When we moved away all those years ago, Krissie & Halley stayed behind and built an amazing life together. Flash forward 20 years to March 2017, when Krissie told me that she and Halley were both going to be standing in the wedding as Eric married the love of his life, Heather. Of course I knew we had to be a part of it. 

The day after I arrived in 100 Mile House, a fire started just outside of town. Very quickly it spread, and before we knew it the little town we once called home was under threat of wild fire. Though what happened, and is continuing to happen, is a disaster, I will always remember one thing above all else. Love.

100 Mile House is under evacuation alert? Okay, the head table is going over there in front of the beautiful twinkling light. The cake lady can't make it because the roads are slowly closing one at a time? No big deal, we will serve delicious tarts instead. The amazing love and support that these two received, from people I have known for what feels like my whole life, will always stay with me. As I said, this wedding was happening come hell or forest fire. 

It may not have been the wedding that Heather & Eric had been dreaming of, but to me it was almost better. I love you both so much, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your forest fire wedding.

*100 Mile House got evacuated the very next day. Though the fire that threatened our town has been contained, BC is still being devastated by wild fires. If you are able to help, please do.


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