I had never been to Amherst before. Well, through it, but never 'to it'. I know where the Home Hardware is now, also where the Lawtons pharmacy and even the Wal-Mart, which is where I bought $200 worth of memory cards the day of Nicole's wedding. She doesn't know that yet, I suppose she knows it now, that she is reading it. I drew a blank after arriving at the salon and couldn't find my memory cards. I had a single 32 GB card. We always shoot dual cards for back-up purposes. My heart stopped. I panicked and forgot to look where we usually store the cards. I snapped a few shots in the salon and nervously (at least I felt nervous, I think I sold the story quite well) told Nicole I had to go get some storytelling shots of the town. This wasn't a total fabrication, I did have to get some storytelling shots, I just omitted the part where I thought I had forgotten all of my memory cards. When I got to my vehicle to have a better look, I couldn't find our 35mm. I was stressing.

So after buying a ton of memory cards (it's OK, you can never have too many) and actually finding the 35 mm (exactly where it was suppose to be) I was able to focus on the wedding day. Which is really why I was there to begin with.

I bring this story up because I want to tell you how stressed out I was during that 20 minutes I thought I had blown it. Of course, I didn't blow it, but I thought I was in the process of blowing it

Nicole didn't get stressed one bit. Not an ounce, not even a shred. All day long she was the most relaxed, smiling, happy person. She was happy to be marrying the love of her life. And she was happy that she was surrounded by her friends and family. And after being with her all day long, I think if I told her I had forgot all my cards and my 35mm lens in the salon, I don't think that would have phased her. 

I've known Nicole for awhile now. I never knew her before she met Hali, but I bet she wasn't as smiley then. In fact, I don't think it's possible. She smiles all the time. This is true love and it's amazing to witness it. This couple is fantastically happy. It was such a pleasure to be a part of this wedding day.

***Happiest Couple Ever***

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