From Long Distance To Forever

Kaleigh & Michael are one of those couples that meet and instantly there is a connection. They knew immediately that in the other, they had found everything they had always been looking for. Forever. Though as with any great love story, it wasn’t without it’s challenges; When they first met, Kaleigh was living in Halifax & Michael was living in New York City. They were actually still living in different countries the first time I met them, which was during their engagement session. Of course Kaleigh eventually said goodbye to Nova Scotia, and moved to the New York to be closer to her love.

They Do

August 17th was an absolutely spectacular day, the sun was shining and the love was palpable. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to document this wedding, because it is one of the most beautiful & memorable weddings we have ever had the pleasure of photographing. There was Broadway music (Michael is a voice coach), mouth watering pulled pork (Kaleigh is a chef), hints of Star Wars and Superheros, men in uniforms and kilts & SO. MUCH. LOVE. Thank you Kaleigh & Michael for being quirky and wonderful, you two are the best kind of people and I am so happy to know you.


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