We really dig the mystery of Oak Island

See what I did there? With the 'dig'? I'm sure most of you reading this know all about Oak Island and the legend of the missing pirate treasure. People have been searching for centuries with no results. Sure, an old sword or an old coin here or there, but nothing to really determine that the treasure is or is not on Oak Island. Let it be known then, that although the mystery of the treasure is till very much unsolved the 'Atlantica Oak Island Resort' is very much not a mystery.

You might be thinking, 'What a strange way to start a wedding post'

Well, it's important to clear the air about things. As someone who lives on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, and someone who is quite literate with everything google, you might be very surprised to know that every time I post a wedding that takes place at the resort our search traffic increases noticeably for the following search terms:

  • Treasure of Oak Island
  • Oak Island Mystery
  • What is really at Oak Island
  • Is Oak Island a hoax
  • Where is Oak Island
  • How much money is buried at oak island

And while we welcome these people to view our website and all of the beautiful weddings we have captured, I really don't think it is what they are searching for. I'm happy to tell them, and anyone else who may come across this post: Melissa and Dave have completed their search.

Melissa and Dave; their search is over

They've been in love for years. The search had really come to an end the moment they met each other. The claiming of a treasure is just as important as the discovery, and these two amazing people said their vows this past September in front of so many smiling friends and family. You saw and loved their engagement session now check out this super fun, really beautiful wedding. Maybe it will inspire you to find your own treasure.

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