Best of 2016

We try and do this every year. Really, we do. Sometimes we can't - it can get pretty busy. In fact, we had to squeeze making this one in between editing photos from the summer & fall and getting ready to shoot a wedding for NYE. 

It wasn't hard to choose

This year the photo's really jumped out at us. We were fortunate to shoot at some amazing venues such as:

  • Atlantica Oak Island | Western Shore, NS
  •  St Mary's Boat Club | Halifax
  • The Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron | Halifax
  • The Captain's House | Chester, NS
  • The Seaside Center | Sechelt, BC
  • Hatfield Farm | Halifax
  • Harbourfront Marriott | Halifax

Just to name a few. 

There were some pretty awesome memories

  • A first look that saw a groom riding up to his soon-to-be wife on a horse.
  • Pre wedding shoot in the middle of nowhere Nova Scotia. Hiking through the snowy wilderness to find a frozen waterfall. Not falling into the river.
  • Back to back (literally - Friday and the Saturday) weddings at not only Hatfield Farm, but also Atlantica Oak Island (what are the odds?)
  • A groom sporting a traditional red coat and demonstrating the firing a flint lock musket at the Citadel.
  • A Hindu wedding and European wedding ceremony in the same day - with the same couple!