Let me tell you about my telephone. It's a Samsung S5. Ever since I have had it, the GPS has never been that great. Mostly, it gets me to where I am going, but ever so often, it directs me to totally, completely, not-even-close  where I am trying to go.

On Dirt Roads

I love them. I grew up on one. In the summer you get to experience the bumpy drive and the dust, in the winter they are smooth and slippery. It's not the dirt roads I'm afraid of, it's getting lost down one and say, not being able to turn around because it's so skinny.

On Sunshowers

This phenomena that we see a few times a year, sunshowers, when it's sunny and raining or feeling like it's going to rain. I knew this was going to be a special shoot just based on the atmospheric conditions alone, don't even get me started on how gorgeous these two are! When I got un-lost and made it to their home, I knew this was going to be one of those shoots!

These two souls are meant to be with each other.