The Sunshine Coast is full of trees, and seascapes, and driftwood, and amazing gelato, and stunning vistas and beautiful people with heart warming stories of love. Of real life, true love.  Yes! It exists and it is all around us all the time!

Cassie and Kyle have been married for a few years now. They have a little furbaby they love very much. We got the impression they weren't doing this photo shoot for the physical photos, or for the chance to share their love via social media (hey everyone look how in love we are!) (side note: we love seeing people share their love on social media). We think they wanted to do this photo shoot because they wanted to do something fun together, something different. 

And here's the the thing about a fun and happy marriage: You never lose the spark. It's always there. That's the awesome thing about it. Knowing someone on such an intimate level for such a long time, loving them for all of their faults and perfections, that's what married life is. 

Look at these photos and see a beautiful, madly in love, fireworks still exploding, married couple. See two people who will spend their lives holding hands; making each other coffee every morning and doing more than their fair share of housework when the other person has had an extra hard day. See serendipity in the world and see the love all around us.

That's what I see.