Planning a wedding in Chester, Nova Scotia?

You're going to need inspiration; after-all, a wedding in Chester Nova Scotia is nothing that should be taken lightly. This little seaside town offers everything that is picturesque about Nova Scotia. Here are some of our favorite things from a wedding we recently shot there.

Seascapes and salt water.

Remember that first time you left Nova Scotia and then thought about it? We do. It's easy to conjure up a memory that invokes the nostalgia that is our maritime province. I always think of a glittering seascape; the sun shining off the salt water. To me, that's what this province is all about. Carla and Jeff celebrated their wedding at the Captain Kidd Rod and Gun Club, which boasts some pretty spectacular views of the ocean. 

Autumn colours: golds and reds.

We've spent some time in British Columbia and the winter's there are dramatically different then the winters in Nova Scotia. You really start to see the difference with the Autumn colours. The Nova Scotia outdoor's is full of the most beautiful hardwoods - which once served as the harvesting grounds for the best ships masts in the world. Now we get to experience the beautiful colours that go along with all of the deciduous tree's. This is one clear advantage to having an autumn wedding in Nova Scotia instead of British Columbia. BC is full of evergreen's, maybe more picturesque in the winter but in the fall nowhere has us beat.