Prom is youth

We all remember our own proms, it's a time in our lives when nothing matters but the friends we hang around with and the family we go home to. The world is a big place and once we get out of highschool we're going to go take a piece out of it. For certain.

It's a time to reflect on what we've accomplished

Lets face it, school was tough. For most of us, it's long dismissed from our memories. But think back, back to when you were in your final month of school and were headed towards a brave new world. Can you remember the emotions you went through? The highs and lows? The highs for all of the exciting things that lay ahead of you, whether it be school, travelling or the workforce? Of course there were lows as well; we knew we weren't going to be seeing so many friendly and familiar faces nearly as much as we used to.

For Mya and Alex, this prom is just another chapter

We last photographed these two for Mya's grade 9 prom, which was a couple of years ago. Take a look and see how much they've grown up since then, it's incredible how much people can change in only a few short years. We've known Mya and her mother Natalie for years now (Mya taught our daughter dance and Natalie owns the amazing dance studio En Pointe) These are truly amazing people and I was honoured to be a part of this shoot.

They're going to be apart, but the distance is short

Alex is off to university in Halifax (he's going to do great) and Mya still has a year to go. Halifax is less than an hour away and you know what they say about absence! 

This couple and this location blew me away

Seriously, I love this set. If you have ever been to Chester, Nova Scotia, you must be familiar with the peninsula that shoots off the coast. It's full of so many beautiful homes and we had the opportunity to photograph on the grounds of one of them thanks to the incredible generosity of the owners. I'll stop rambling and post the teasers now, enjoy ;)

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