It's not everyday you get to shoot at a super remote, super beautiful lake.

So when Steve and Kait set up their engagement photos, we had to make sure we took some shots at their house on the South Shore. It's down a winding dirt road with lots of twists and turns but you know as soon as you get there this place was meant to be used for pictures!

Dog photography is something you need to prepare for

It's not like working with people. They don't really care that you have a camera in your hand and you want them to just chill out for 5 seconds so you can get their photo. They are more interested in zipping around the yard at a thousand miles an hour so you can showcase their innate ability at fetching squeaky toys. I get it though, it's kind of like shooting a wedding, you need to be able to go with the flow.

I couldn't believe the patch of sunset we found

Just as we were about to wrap up the shoot the sun peaked out for just a minute or two. If you have ever been to Queensland Beach, just outside of Hubbards, you know how the sunsets right behind the hill opposite the beach. This has always been a bit tricky to capture because of how high the sun is when it drops below the hill. It's still not quite sunset but this is when the beautiful crimsons and shades of blue come out to play. We were able to seize a few of the sunset shots, it's always awesome when you can make something out of nothing!

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