We love weddings, and we love families too!

They go hand in hand, really. Usually the only other time you see so much extended family in one place is for a family reunion, so weddings are a pretty spectacular time to capture some family photos; so much can change with little ones in short amounts of time between visits. We were asked to capture a few family photos after the wedding was finished, "nothing fancy, just some shots of the families so we can have some professional photos to remember the trip."

We don't do 'not fancy' though.

It's hard to convince people sometimes that taking photo's does not feel like work to me. I know some people say they love their job, they get up in the morning with a smile on their face and some spring in their step as they head off into the sunrise to face the day. Similar to those who love their 9-5 I love my career/passion/creative outlet/whatever trendy name we are giving to our jobs these days; I love it so much it doesn't really feel like work to me. I love it. I don't ever want to be at a point where I can settle on taking 'simple, mediocre photos'. 

Cuba Wedding, Cuba Family, Cuba Photos.

Cuba, Cuba, Cuba, it was awesome to us. Such a great way to get out of the Canadian winter blues. So awesome to see everyone in shorts and tee shirts, flowing dresses and sun hats. Sun hats in February is a pretty awesome concept if you live north of the 49th parallel. And that's where I leave the writing and get to the photos. Anyone who is from Canada will get it.