Cuba Wedding Photography;

It's a dream statement, really. Last week we had the pleasure of travelling to Cayo Coco with a beautiful bride and groom to capture their beautiful wedding. From the moment we arrived we knew we were in for a hallmark wedding. We had to nail it.

Turquoise, aquamarine, emerald, what colour is that water?

It's like trying to describe a colour to someone who has never experienced it. We've seen a lot of beautiful oceans before; the Mediterranean from Spain and Greece, the Pacific from Mexico and British Columbia, even the North Atlantic from Queensland Beach in the summer. Nothing we've experienced compares to the blues and greens of the Caribbean Sea.

Destination wedding photos will leave you speechless;

They left me speechless and I'm the one who took them! We come from Halifax, Nova Scotia and the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Our wedding season is soon going to be full swing and this project will see us busy right up until our next weddings. Now as we settle into March and start the post-processing of these thousands of beautiful images we'll be constantly reminded of how amazing and beautiful this little piece of the world is. For anyone debating on where to have their destination wedding Cuba gets our vote!


*For those interested in the locations, techniques, etc:
The shots of the bride and groom were primarily taken around the resort of Meliá Jardines del Rey we also ventured into the city of Morón for some urban shots. The photograph of the couple at the edge of the pool was taken in the lobby of the resort in the evening. The exposure was 30 seconds at f/16 and a strobe at 1/1 was fired towards them several times throughout the exposure. Unable to pack any remote triggers we had to be super extra conscious of controlling shadows. White walls, white clothing, white anything we could find helped to serve as reflectors. Shooting in the tropics is challenging because of the harsh overhead sun throughout most of the day, but it is super rewarding!