It all begins and ends with family.

I am not sure where to start with this wedding, it is one that is incredibly near and dear to my heart. A few weeks ago we had the privilege of capturing Daniel & Chelsea promise to love each other always, through thick & thin. The reason this wedding is so special to me, is because Daniel is my cousin. My favorite childhood memories of growing up in BC include him & the rest of our amazing family. Swimming in Ruth Lake, playing countless hours of spotlight & kick the can, Christmas eve variety shows etc. In my minds eye he is still the little boy with bright blond hair, with his legs dangling over the edge of our second story barn door; In reality he has grown into the best kind of person. Kind, intelligent, funny & such an amazing daddy to sweet Finley.  Enter Chelsea, the beautiful, sweet & brilliant young woman, who I now get to call family. Chelsea is the type of person who not only planned her wedding from afar, but is also working on her PhD, an avid runner who just qualified for the Boston Marathon & is such an amazing mom. 

This is why we love Grand Pré weddings.

On May 27th we got to gather in the courtyard of one of the most beautiful locations on earth, with some of our favorite people, to witness these two promise their lives to each other. The ceremony was short & sweet, but full of love, laughter & a few tears. It may have been chilly & a little damp from the previous nights rain, but it didn't stop us from getting out into the vines and taking some of our favorite images ever. To say this day was magical would be an understatement. Thank you Daniel & Chelsea for asking us to capture the love, it means far more to us than either of you know. We love you both!