Fabian and Sabrina came all the way from Germany to enjoy their honeymoon on coastal BC's beautiful Sunshine Coast.  Since they came all this way, we really wanted to do something epic for them.  We started off at Porpoise Bay Park and and found the strangest, most random thing in the middle of the forest (see below–how could we not photograph that!).  

After that, we made our way down to Pebbles Beach in Sechelt.  When we stepped out onto the rocks, we were all amazed by what we saw.  The whole place was bathed in a beautiful soft golden light as the sun set over the faraway hills of Vancouver Island.  It was a photographer's dream, and Fabian and Sabrina were visibly touched by the scene in front of them.  It was perfect!  

To top it all off, Fabian and Sabrina were just a wonderful couple.  They were up for anything and they were a joy to photograph.  We wish you all the best and thanks so much for the amazing evening at the beach!