Babies are beautiful. Especially 5 day old newborn babies. We love babies. Newborn photography is unlike any other type of photography. In some ways, it's like product photography, except what you are taking pictures of is not a product, but a person. In some ways, it's like portrait photography, except your subject takes zero direction and is basically indifferent about the entire session, unless of course they become hungry. Then they are displeased and want nothing more than to be fed. Of course, that's the newborn life though. I've experienced it myself three times, with our most recent bundle coming to us in early May. Documenting these early days with photographs is such a gift to be able to look back on later on when they are all grown. The best time for a newborn session is within the first two weeks of birth. The sooner, the better. It can be difficult both for mother and child, which is why we love to use a professional studio whenever possible. Having a quiet, controlled and no-stress environment are absolutely critical when photographing newborns.

I love creating images that I know will be treasured for generations. With every type of shoot we do, whether on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Halifax Nova Scotia, or anywhere in-between (literally, we just got back from the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland) I always cherish, among many many other things, that the photographs I take will likely be on someone's hearth in 70 years from now. People will look at the photo and not think of me, but of the beauty in days gone by and days to come. That is the best feeling ever!