Want to know how to take great photos?

Learn how to read light. Like the light from the sun, or light bulbs, or even reflections. I'm mostly talking about photons reflecting off an object and then hitting the sensor of my camera. Why is it important? It's important because light, or absence of light, is what gives features definition. Shadows are just as important in photography as light.

Of course, you can't forget this:

Composition is nothing to scoff at either. If you really get into composition you could learn about the Fibonacci numbers, and why the golden mean is so important. It sounds scientific because it is scientific. Composition comes naturally to some, some have to work at it. The most important thing is understanding it. What makes a piece of art visually appealing? Is it because the subject is located at the intersection of two of the thirds of the image? Is it the leading lines that force your eye towards the image? It it the focal plane?

Kristen and Arvin know whats up.

They suggested a sunrise shoot. Now I am all about a sunrise engagement session. Here in Nova Scotia the sun rises out over the water so we get some spectacular light. One Blue Fish in British Columbia (shout-out to Nathan, in fact he's sitting right next to me editing a wedding) benefits from some amazing sunsets (being on the west coast of the continent and all. Either way, Kristen and Arvin knew that they wanted some of that beautiful morning sunlight. So we did it. OK, we were close. 430 am comes early, so we decided on 730, or thereabouts. Between the Public Gardens and the Halifax waterfront we really reaped the rewards of that golden light. See for yourself!

Kristen and Arvin get married this September at Atlantica Oak Island, watch for it!