Halifax Seaport Farmers Market Rooftop Wedding

Have you ever wondered about all of those cool wedding places that you sometimes see in pictures but you wonder how they came to be? We did. Well, we used to. See, before we were wedding photographers we were 'betrothed' (I remember that word from Aladdin - love it) just like many of you reading this. We planned our wedding just like you did: In 2011 the internet wasn't all that different then it is today. We looked up things like, "wedding photo ideas' and 'best wedding photographer in Halifax' of course, we had no idea what made the internet work back then so we kind of just went with what we found. It's not an uncommon way to do things.

Sarah & Terry say, "I do" during a beautiful sunset.

In 2011 I don't know if you even could get married on the rooftop of the Halifax seaport farmers market. I know there were no wedding photographers at the time capturing events up there, and if there were they weren't publishing them online. I know that if we had found photos that showcased just exactly how much of an awesome spot it is to get married at we would have seriously, seriously reconsidered the venue we had picked.

We consider ourselves experts at most things wedding. Again, having gone through the process ourselves not that many years ago as well as having been alongside so many beautiful brides and grooms capturing the exchange of love on their big day, I feel like that qualifies us as experts. Anyways, we've seen a whole lot of weddings and venues and brides and grooms.

Brides and Grooms: which type are you?

 I feel like there are really only two types of couples who plan a wedding. There are couples who want a traditional wedding with nothing too far off the beaten path. They find solace in standards and they seek to make improvements on the predictability of a wedding - upgrades in decor or food, a really kick butt DJ and a cool spot to take photos. I love shooting these wedding because they often give me opportunity to express myself creatively. Having an established routine is a great way for us to know when we have a moment to attempt a new technique. It also allows us to manage our time really really well so we can 'crush those great moments'. 

The second type of couple is totally ready and willing to throw caution to the wind. They want their wedding day reflect their personalities. They are willing to go the distance and find really neat edible bouquets. They find places like the rooftop of the farmers market and instead of seeing a logistical battleground of friends and family attempting to haul chairs up to the rooftop they see a really great sunset ceremony surrounded by those they love. They see the Halifax Citadel and make the effort to line it up for photos. They get the red coats and the powder rifles and have a quick shooting session. No big deal. These weddings keep us on our toes. We can never really be sure what is next but we like that. Having to read and react so quickly is what got us here in the first place. After all, isn't that what being a wedding photographer is about? Isn't it a kind of modern photojournalism where the battleground is inside a church? Where the insurgents are friends and family and the politician giving the momentous speech is the father of the groom? I've never been a photojournalist - and I don't actually believe shooting a wedding is like being in 'the suck' of a hot and dry battlefield but I do see the parallels. 

Play on player, play on player. Hey oh, hey oh, hey yeah.

See. This is the kind of people Sarah and Terry are. They have a really awesome cover of 'No Diggity' for their first dance. They were total superheroes all day long. Liz had this knack of being super bubbly and high energy all the time. A great trait to have if you are photographing events that can run 12+ hours. Sometimes I'll be holding a light and shift on my feet because I'm exhausted and she'll be buzzing away like a nuclear powered jack hammer. She digs deep to get a couple who might be more interested in kicking back at the head table than taking 'just a few more shots'. She keeps the energy high. Sarah & Terry matched her step for step. Listen to this kick butt cover while you look through these. No diggity.

halifax seaport farmers market wedding
halifax seaport farmers market wedding 4
halifax seaport farmers market wedding 5
'I like the way you work it. No diggity.

'I like the way you work it. No diggity.