Chester Prom (Grade 9) by the seaside

Mya graduated grade 9 this year; a big mile-stone in life. We've known her as our daughters-dance-teachers-helper through En Pointe, the greatest dance studio in Nova Scotia. Mya is a dancer, we knew that already, what we didn't know was how easily, fluid, dancing would translate into posing for the camera. Mya is a serious natural when it comes to posing, maybe even the easiest person we've ever worked with. For real. The setting was an absolutely stunning ocean front home right on Chester Harbour; the lighting: perfect. It's incredible how much beauty surrounds us in this province, we've been fortunate enough to travel all over and it never ceases to amaze me how much of it is right in our own backyard! Congrats on your graduation Mya! Congrats to your parents for raising such a wonderful daughter and thank you for all of the help and work you have done for our little one!

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