Erin and Andrew wanted an engagement session they would remember, They chose York Redoubt, an old British Fort located just outside of Halifax. I've talked about the golden hour before, the hour before sunset or sunrise where the sun is low on the horizon and it casts a beautiful golden glow over the landscape. It doesn't happen every day though, if it's overcast, if you are in a location where the landscape is in the way of the sun (think waterfront in Halifax, the sun disappears about 3 hours before it actually sets) you won't experience it. On this day, the golden hour was in full force, shining it's golden light across the land. We took advantage of the beauty around us, and found some great spots I hadn't used before at the York Redoubt as well as Dingle Park (Sir Stanford Flemming Park to all of you non-local Haligonians). When we finished the session, I knew something magical had just occurred. All photo sessions are special in their own way, their is always something unique about a couple that shows itself during our time together. This was different though, I knew when I had finished that I may have just created my best work. I'm not saying that as if I had just surpassed all my own expectations and just broke through some kind of barrier and entered the land of amazing greatest of all time photographers, I'm saying that as if there was something so profoundly special about this photo session that it brought the best out in me. That's what love will do sometimes. When you are around two people that genuinely love each other with all of their heart, and all of their soul, it lifts you up.

See you two in August!