Thinking about a Western Themed Wedding?

Do you ever see a photo on pinterest or facebook and think: "I'd love a photo of me like that" or, "that must be photo-shopped because there is no way a photo can look that great." We used to think that. A lot in fact 5 years ago when we got into wedding photography we would find inspiration in the best around us. We would just hang around the first few results on google and look at the work that was coming out and try and replicate it.

Golden Light is a real thing

I can't think of a more daunting business to get into outside of wedding photography. I'm not trying to pump up our tires or tell you how great we are - what I'm talking about is how much of ourselves goes into every single image. The learning curve is steeeeeep.  It's sink or swim. Be the professional or be forgotten. It's tough. Think you took a really great shot but you don't get the acclaim you feel you deserve? It's crushing. Deliver a beautiful set of portraits to a couple that you just know is exceptional work only to ask if they can be re-edited or if there are any others? It's devastating. It's devastating because it's a bit of yourself that's getting rejected. It's like you keep getting bucked off a horse - and sometimes you don't even want to get back on - but you have to get back on. Then you discover golden light.

Laurielle and Chris were put here to be together.

Golden light. You've heard about it. It's found most often that hour before sunset. You can sometimes get blinded by it on your drive home from work. Remember that really great memory from your vacation last summer? The one that seems almost ethereal in that everything just was how it should be? Yup. Golden light. We're attracted to it. Compelled to seek it out and soak it in. On Laurielle and Chris' wedding day there was golden light everywhere.

During the ceremony

Golden light as Laurielle walked down the aisle and saw her husband to be Chris, waiting for her

During the portraits

We walked throughout Hatfield Farm with the bride, groom and wedding party and the golden light followed us everywhere we went. 

In the fields

Laurielle was insistent on getting some portraits with the horses. She showed us a pinterest photo and asked if we could emulate it. I think people will be looking at Laurielle and Chris' photos and asking their photographers to copy these. The golden light was literally pouring out of the sky and basking everything. everything, in the most beautiful golden glow.

We've been at this a while. These photos have affirmed everything we have done.

It's not about hey everyone look how great we are. It's about believing in something and pouring your heart and your soul into it. Getting up when you get knocked down. Getting up again when you get knocked down. Staying at this awhile. Working hard. Seeking the golden light and love and putting them together. Laurielle and Chris made all of this happen. We just took the pictures.