Hubbards to Hatfield Farm Wedding

Do you ever wonder how some people just look like they were meant to be? You can see it in every action they take together. When we photographed a wedding that began in Hubbards and ended at Hatfield Farm we could see just how much Kaitlyn & Steve loved each other.

It was a university love that blossomed into a lifetime love

These two met in university and never looked back. It was easy to see just how many lives Kaitlyn and Steve have impacted during the course of their relationship; during the ceremony and speeches their were plenty of happy tears!

Angela dove right in as the second photographer

You might remember Angela from her own wedding at Pictou lodge. Unbeknownst to us at the time, she had been learning photography herself. We had been chatting about her wedding day via text and she mentioned she had taken some engagement photos for a friend. Interested we asked to see them. They were fantastic

You can learn to do anything well; it helps to be gifted

When I got into photography I didn't really know anything about light and shadow. I mean I knew in the sense that I could understand when light hit something at a certain angle it would produce a certain shadow. It took me years of practice, trial and error until I could take a photo in my mind and replicate it in real life. Some people are able to do these kinds of things right away - Angela has a gift for composition.

We had so much fun with this wedding

Kaitlyn and Steve are such amazing friendly people. They made us feel welcome and comfortable which is so important for the photos. So thank you and congratulations Kaitlyn and Steve!

Hatfield Farm Wedding Photos
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