It's time to talk about money.

This is a post I've been meaning to publish for a long time. It's been on my mind. As a business, it's important to us to make money. Often our revenue is directly related to the amount of clients we book. It's easy to see then how it would make sense for us to book absolutely every wedding we possibly could. If this is how we make money, it's simple, right?

Not so simple facts about the industry.

We don't though. We don't book every couple that sends us an email, for several reasons. First, not every couple who contacts us is actually, really interested in booking us. They are price shopping or just seeing what's out there. That's fine, it's smart even. Some of our best couples have been the most inquisitive. Looking over every detail of our agreement and discussing gear and post processing. Some of our best have been super care-free too; an email and a phone call and they are booked, see you at the engagement shoot. Here's the kicker, the doozy. One of the most important things in consideration when choosing a photographer is How Well You Click. Most professionals in the industry recognize this and will tell a couple that they are probably not the right photographer. We've done it. Personalities that don't jive can really hamper a relationship. Imagine!

Why would a photographer book a client they didn't get along with?

I alluded to it previously; it's all about the money. Photography, and more specifically, wedding photography, is a tough, tough industry. Your survival is based on your next lead. Dry spells have you questioning your own purpose. "Am I doing something wrong?" "Am I being too bold?" "Have I lost touch with the market?" The questions of self doubt can pile up fast and can easily lead to sacrificing principles for a booking. 

How do I know if we 'click'?

It's one of those things. You just know. If you meet with a photographer for coffee you'll have an opportunity to see what they are like. It's like an interview/date/meeting. It should be fun and relaxed. You should leave it thinking, "I could be friends with them." 

Personalities are like landscapes

Some are warm and inviting, others are intense and charged. Who you are determines who you will click with.  Are you quick to feel accepted or are you easy to slight? Do you find humour in the mundane? Would you prefer to sit at the edge of a crowd, or be in the center of the dance floor?

So what's this got to to with weddings?

The years I've been doing this have taught me that in direct proportion the more comfortable a person feels around me, the greater the photographs will be. It makes sense. Most of us aren't aspiring models. We don't dream of walking down a runway in Paris. Our livelihood does not depend on how well we can cast a 'blue steel'; but for wedding photo's you should look like a model. One way to accomplish this is feel comfortable and confident with your photographer. If you are comfortable you are more likely to 'tilt your chin this way' or 'sit on that stone pathway'. You believe in the end result and you are now a part of the journey, instead of a bystander blindly taking direction.

Feel good, look good, be good.

Booking a photographer should feel like that purchase you made after days or weeks of thought. It's like that new jacket you really want to get but you decide not to because you don't want to buy it on impulse and then later be unhappy with it. You like it, you wait awhile, you find yourself still wanting it. You try it on again and still like it. You try other jackets that don't cost as much or you think you might wear more. They don't feel right. You wait a bit more. You talk about the jacket. You buy the jacket. You love the jacket. And that's when you know you made the right decision. 

A wedding is a fun, fun place to be.

Not only for you and your guests, but for us! We love everything about weddings and the nuances each couple brings. We love being invited to your innermost circle as an observer on your most special day. To us, that is the most special thing about photographing weddings; being a part of that inner circle. Seeing the joy and laughter, watching the nervous interactions. Capturing those sips of champagne and orange juice and seeing the anticipation. It's surreal and we love it.

You'll just know.

You'll just know. We promise to never sacrifice morals and principle for a buck. We'd never, ever take on a wedding we didn't feel a zillion percent excited about and we'd love the opportunity to meet, maybe we'll click!

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