These two are what love is.

They make it look so easy. Just as simple as looking in each others eyes and knowing that no matter where this roller coaster, this hurricane of existence will take them they will be with each other. Jawna and June have been together four years. There is a photo in this set that Jawna told me has some serendipity to it.

Serendipity isn't just a great movie

It's the last photo in the set. There is a number four on the crosswalk countdown timer. Total happenstance allowed that to happen, I didn't consciously decide to snap the photo at the exact second the timer hit 4. It just happened. 

These coincidences seem to follow a pattern

I'm finding the more and more weddings I photograph, the more I'm noticing these little instances of chance occur during the most raw emotional moments. One bride tells me something unique about a photo I delivered that applied to their relationship, something totally unbeknownst to me. It's confirming with more solidarity than ever before that when you experience true love providence moves with you.

Take your time and don't miss out

"Stop and smell the roses" something we've all heard when we were little. No one can remember the first time they were told that, but I'm sure it looked something like a little kid running around and missing out on something that was going on around them. So take your time and enjoy these photos. You will see two beautiful people very much in love, they glow with it. 

And the most amazing song choice

*Only those who attended the reception will understand the quote at the bottom of the set. I've heard popular music, I've heard classical, I've even heard 'Yellow' by Coldplay done by a string orchestra. I'm not going to tell you where this song is from, but if you can guess the quote is totally going to make sense.

"Clever Girl" - Robert Muldoon.