Wow. Having never been to Clare Nova Scotia before, I was excited to see what I was getting in to. Like every small town, Clare has it's own unique feel and charm.  It was a blessing when I saw how picturesque this small town is. Let's admit it, not all small towns are created equal. Some are run down with every street corner echoing memories of days gone by. Some are just flat, boring, industrious and not very interesting. 

Clare oozes picturesqueness. The drive from Halifax was long, 3 hours each way. On the way there all I could think about was how would everything photograph? On the way back to Halifax all I could think about how great everything photographed! Every chance we get we do at least 1 location scouting to find those sweet spots of a venue, a park, a board walk, etc. We didn't get a chance this time (new born baby at home), but it didn't matter. Everywhere you turned there was another beautiful shot.

Thanks to Jenna & Jonathan for making this beautiful wedding in the strikingly vibrant town of Clare happen. Jenna, it was amazing seeing you with your friends and family, you have such a great spirit and I really had a great time with you and your girls!


 I can't wait to get into this collection!

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