Jenn and James love hockey

Jenn and James love the Toronto Maple Leafs. They love spending time talking about the leafs, watching the leafs, in fact anything Maple Leafs and chances are they are in on it. Just recently the team came to Halifax to play a pre-season game. If you looked in the crowd of several thousand you would find Jenn and James.

Deeper than hockey, of course.

If you scanned the crowd you'd see groups of rowdy young men yelling and hollering for their favourite player to score. You'd see some brave families who were brave enough to bring their brood to face the throngs. If you really spent some time looking you would even see some couples in love. You'd find Jenn and James at Scotiabank Place, no doubt holding hands and wearing the blue and white jersey that's so ubiquitous with the team.

Unlike the Maple Leafs

Jenn and James are actually winners. 

They've found love in each other. Even though the team they cheer for together constantly leaves them wanting more out of a hockey team; the constant let down gives them something to hope for.