Some days, I like to go out and just shoot with with my old point-and-shoot.  It's just one camera with a fixed lens and it forces me to be more creative--it's photography in it's purest form.

Small weddings are kind of like this.  There are no frills, no complications, it's just two people declaring their love for each other.  It's the part that counts.  

Sometimes when you meet people you just know immediately that you could be friends.  From the moment I met Kim and Al (also known as Anvil Al, in some circles) I could tell we just clicked.  Al was warm and friendly and made me laugh out loud many times.  Kim, like most brides on their wedding day, was elegant and gracious and a little bit nervous.  Laughs were had, stories were told and when it came down to actually tying the knot, the love that this wonderful couple shared was written all over their faces.  They were an absolute joy to photograph.  

Kim and Al, it was an honour being a witness for your wedding.  If your ever back in town, be sure to look us up and we'll finish that glass of champagne!