A different approach:

If you're accessing this blog post hoping to see Laurielle and Chris's awesome engagement session we have some news: We're trying things a different way. The blog layout is pretty good but pretty good usually isn't good enough for us, so we're trying something new

A different layout

We believe each shoot deserves to be unique. We strive ourselves in not giving in to the mundane, typical approach to portrait photography; that is to say we don't treat clients as if they are just part of a template we need to fill out.

It's better. It looks better.

I really like how this way looks on your computer, tablet and mobile device. That's the key. I found in some of our old formats we couldn't get the best view of a photo on mobile. It was small, or we had to zoom in (which isn't such a big deal but is still a pain in the ass!) This new approach should really put the focus on enjoying the photo set and not having to concern yourself with zooming, cropped images or just trying to figure out exactly where you are supposed to be looking!

So check it out!

Click the link below. Remember, we love your feedback: If you think this doesn't look as fantastic as we do, or you would like to see posts stay in the typical blog format, that's OK to. Maybe we'll even commit to doing both?