So, you've booked a venue, photographer, made all the big decisions about guest list, food choices etc. It’s just that one last thing on your to do list. And it’s a big one. What about the music?


Great weddings have great music.


It's true. All the great weddings I have photographed have featured a well thought out music list. Often these are curated by the bride, groom and DJ. Well planned music can set the entire tone of your wedding day. Think about your theme and what music would best suit it.


Incorporate the music with the theme?


Yes! Absolutely! Let’s talk about your wedding theme. You’ve gone the distance with your preparations. You have a beautiful bohemian wedding planned for the fall. The pastel colours, the vintage decor, you have tirelessly pieced together the entire day. You need to make sure your music fits the theme. A good dialogue with your entertainment contact will ensure you are not blasting out “All the Single Ladies” when you were hoping for something more “Mumford and Sons”.


Now for the opposite. You’ve planned a classy yet edgy wedding taking place in a beautiful concert hall. You want your guests to get up and shake their tail feathers. You want grandma grooving. A true DJ knows when it’s time to lay on the thick beats or take her foot off the gas. If the dance floor is about to get bouncing and someone plays ‘The Circle of Life”, then forget about it. Dance time is over.


Professionals know how to rock the mic.


And they rock the mic right. Choosing the right wedding music is the essence of your relationship with your entertainment provider. Professionals will ensure they understand your wants and needs. It’s important to them to ensure you are getting exactly what you want.


We’ve been getting out of Halifax lately, which is great. It’s allowed us to see the wedding experience from different locations. If you are in the UK you've got to check out the great people over at the Band Hire UK


Music makes the people come together


Music is with you all day long. From the walk down the aisle to the first dance, and the last dance. It’s important that you consider hiring a professional band or DJ. Have a dialogue with them, express your musical tastes and what you would like to hear at your wedding. Make a list of “for sure plays” and “for sure don’t plays”.

A wedding vendor is your friend. They want your day to go as perfectly as you imagined it. They are a resource. Their (our) success depends on your level of satisfaction.