When I sat down to write this blog post, I was stuck for a little while.  Little baby Ava was so precious, I didn't feel my words could do her justice.  So, like I always do, I asked my lovely and talented wife.  

Me: What should I write about little baby Ava?

Lovely and talented wife: Well, why are you having trouble?  

Me: I want to write something really special.

Lovely and talented wife: Why? 

Me: Because the shoot was really special.  

Lovely and talented wife: Well why don't you just write that?  

See?  I told you she was lovely and talented.  (She makes it all seem so easy).  

Little Ava came to us fully and completely wide awake.  The time of day was right, the studio was nice and warm and she had just fed, but she showed up looking for the party.  Mom, Grandma and even myself tried everything to get her to sleep but she was just too interested in all the goings-on about her.  

But she never cried.  She just stared out at the world at all the wonderful colours and shapes and faces that swirled around her.  What a wonderful little human!  

Little Ava, we can't wait to photograph you with your Mom and Dad in the New Year.  Enjoy the world!