RCMP Wedding Photos | Vancouver

Mark and Kristi had a beautiful wedding at the Seaside Centre and it was done just perfectlyRCMP wedding photos are some of the most beautiful, hallmark wedding images we can capture. There is something about that iconic red surge and stetson hat that makes anyone's heart melt. 

The day started with some yoga

What an amazing way to get warmed up and ready for your wedding day! We are a big fan of the bride and her ladies doing an activity the morning of the wedding. Not only does it provide a really great opportunity to get your mind ready for the biggest day of your life but it also really help to tell your story. Are you the kind of bride who loves getting up with the sun, going for a jog and then meeting at for a relaxing session of yoga? Or are you the type of bride who would really love to meet up with your girls and enjoy coffee followed by mimosas and makeup? Whatever the case is, we really love to see a planned activity the day of your wedding.

Married in the Red Surge

First, I have to tell you about the time I got pulled over when I was 17. I was driving up the Fraser Canyon with my friend in his mothers caravan. There were five of us and we were heading to Jasper to do some mountain biking. Having just got my drivers license I was eager to do my part on this road trip so I hopped behind the wheel the first chance I got. It wasn't long before I saw the flashing red and blue lights in my rearview mirror and my heart sunk - I was speeding!


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