Cayo Coco, Cuba, This Wedding, These Photographs, Melia Jardine Del Rey.

Where do I even start? I suppose the beginning is the best place, it's been a long, awesome, amazing, fun, exciting and hot hot hot! It started for us last summer, 2015. We were photographing a wedding waaaay up north in Newfoundland. Richie and I finally had the opportunity to bring our 3 little ones to Newfoundland for the first time in their young lives. We had big plans of going to L'Anse Aux Meadows to explore the Viking settlement, camping in Gros Morne & visiting my family. One of my favourite memories is staying in the cabin my mom used to visit as a young girl, on Evans Point. It is a magical place where you can kick back and relax, forget the outside world. Part of the reason you are able to do that is because the internet connection is spotty at best. It was at this exact moment in time that Jolyn and Jason reached out to us to inquire about their upcoming wedding in Cuba. Of course we were super excited about the prospect of getting to shoot a destination wedding in Cuba. We've always prided ourselves and how we run this business, specifically, our communication. We are fast. If we get an email or a phone call we return it ASAP. So when this inquiry came across our smartphones we didn't want to miss a beat. Of course, if you have ever been to Newfoundland you will understand the internet in rural areas, which is most of the province, is really not reliable. The first phone call involved me standing on the hood of our Jeep, tilting my head to the side, doing my absolute best impression of sounding as if everything was cool. It worked and we made a date to meet with Jolyn and Jason and talk about their destination wedding at Melia Jardine Del Rey in Cayo Coco, Cuba, the one they wanted us to be a part of. Wow.

That Moment You Realize.

So fast forward to now, we've been to Cuba, took the photographs, stayed at Melia Jardine Del Rey and walked the beach. We've gone through the nearly 10,000 images from the trip and selected the best. We've spent hours, days, post processing them. More hours on layout. Somewhere in that process I realized this was the wedding; this was the wedding I will always look back on as the one that really defined who we are as wedding photographers. So many moments, they all speak to me as if I was still there. The turquoise water looks so accurate. The love between Jolyn and Jason actually feels as it did when the moments were unfolding. 

These photographs, this wedding.

Every couple I work with is so special to me. We share so much in the short time we spend together. I cherish the opportunity to connect. Something about Jolyn and Jason that really stuck with me was how well you can see the love for each other in their eyes. It's in the way they look at each other. Anyone who knows them can see it; I don't know if there is a word for it but I'd call their love Brilliant. In Cuba you might say it is 'Brillar' which means shine. I could write a novella on the trip. There will be more posts because there are just so many awesome photos to share. For now though enough talk, the wedding photos need to be seen.