We were asked to travel to Newfoundland to capture the photographs of Cortney and Corey's wedding. It's a bit of a trip, see, driving and ferrying and driving some more. We accepted, of course, we wanted the adventure as well. It was an adventure; to see the Northern Peninsula. I've only ever heard of it, most people only go to Gros Morne, which is really at the start of the journey. The drive was incredible. Wind swept coast, rocky shorelines. Romantic small towns dot the coast line, all the way up. It was special to be able to make this trip. Port Au Choix is remote, by any definition. In fact, you can talk about any small town in Canada in a rural setting and Port Au Choix deserves to be discussed. It's beautiful in a small town, Canadian fishing village way. It has it's own charm, one I haven't experienced before. This country of ours continues to amaze me.

Cortney and Corey are the sweetest couple. They serve our country. They sacrifice a normal, 9-5 kind of life so that we can all feel good about being Canadian. You are both heroes; thank you so much for making me a part of this wonderful day.