Paige & Chris are getting married this summer, they wanted some engagement photos done and the clock was ticking! For anyone lucky enough to call Nova Scotia home, we can all appreciate the amount of snow that has fallen this Winter. Well, Winter has kind of slid into Spring and what is normally a very beautiful time of year in this part of the world has remained grey and desolate. There is a very good reason most outdoor photography sessions are not done between the months of February and April exclusively; it's because the weather can be so unpredictable. Couple that with the blackened snow banks, the wet pavement, and the brown slush everywhere appealing backdrops can be difficult to nail down. 

This did not deter Paige & Chris at all.

The show must go on, the wedding is coming and they needed engagement photos. We are always happy to oblige and appreciating their situation we embarked on an adventure together. Could we make beautiful photos in this grey city? 

The answer is a resounding YES!  These are beautiful people. These are the kind of people who could take a selfie first thing in the morning and have people wondering how they looked so great with so little effort. They love each other so much. This resonates beyond the camera and photographer, it's in the way they look at each other between photos, and the way they talk to each other sometimes without saying anything at all. 

Paige & Chris nailed this e-session and we absolutely loved meeting them!