Red beaches of PEI. The Confederation bridge. Lazy rolling hills and fields that take you to the ocean. If you've never made it to Canada's smallest province, you need to go. As a wedding photographer it makes me jump for joy when I see where we are going to be taking some photos. The beaches, let me tell you about the beaches. If you are familiar with photography at all, you understand how important lighting is. You know about harshness of light and definition of shadows. The textures of the cliffs at the beach we went to north of Summerside was incredible. The lighting was magical. Stephanie and Luke had a type of love that shines through, and when you put that against a dramatic sea-scape backdrop... you've caught lightning in a bottle and you run with it. You run with it.

The bridal party couldn't have been more accommodating. The girls chatted on the beach while the guys acted like boys and jumped off some dunes. Dune jumping. Something I hadn't heard of until our trip to the beach. It's when you jump off a cliff into a sand dune. Luke was telling me about when he was a boy it was a lot better, because you could jump off a cliff a lot higher and the dunes were a lot deeper, so it didn't hurt. Imagine that.

I'm unable to put into words how I feel about these photos. Stephanie is a doctor, I'm sure she understands latin. So here is a love quote in Latin I think fits this wonderful couple perfectly:

Amor aeternus.