Ryan was ready to propose Kaley

It was going to be perfect. Ryan wanted to capture the moment he proposed to Kaley; awesome, we love surprises. The thing is we were going to be doing it at Queensland Beach in Hubbards. The problem with Queensland beach is that it is one of, if not, the busiest beaches in the province. Often packed with people if you aren't there by 10am you can forget about getting enough room to put your towel. 

All kinds of happiness

water onto the shore at queensland beach

So it's usually super busy. Except not this time. This time it was empty - granted, it was totally not the summer time - but including Ryan and Kaley there were all of three people on the beach this day. I hadn't actually met Kaley yet so Ryan and I hatched a plan:

Act cool; pretend I'm just out for a walk

The plan was for me to pretend like I was just some random person with a new camera walking down the beach taking photos of the rocks or whatever. Maybe the sand or surf. It's not important. I was going to come across as someone Ryan had never met. This was a key part of the plan, it's the only way I could 'randomly' be in the right spot when he was ready to get on one knee. A secret password was all we needed to complete this ruse.

feather in the sand at Queensland Beach

"I hope you enjoy the beach"

Initially we wanted to go with something cooler sounding like, "Oklahoma" or, "Don't get caught in the riptide, it's especially bad when the eagles are flying." Instead we chose something a little more practical like, "I hope you enjoy the beach!" The plan was set.

"Will you marry me?"

It went really smoothly, I strolled along the beach past Ryan and Kaley - we made a little small talk. I told them I had just got a new camera and was testing out the settings. I asked if I could take a photo of them. Just a simple shot of them with their arms around each other; then I dropped it, "I hope you enjoy the beach." Ryan got down on one knee and I shot away. It was a ton of fun to be a part of this, I love proposals and with a little creativity you can make them super memorable. Here's a few shots from that day:

queensland beach nova scotia
Queensland Photos