Two Ceremonies of Awesomeness.

Kristen and Arvin reached out to us from Ottawa, they were coming to Nova Scotia this summer to be married and wanted us to be a part of it. Of course we wanted to! A wedding with two ceremonies at Oak Island Resort just outside of Chester, sounds awesome to me!

Halifax Public Gardens Deliver. Again.

We decided on the Public Garden's as a location for their engagement shoot. If you are ever curious why you can often see wedding photography taking place inside of the park, take a look at these photos, or this wedding we did last year, or this one from a few years ago. Halifax takes such great care of this beautiful green space and we would be remiss not to use it as much as we can!

Super Photogenic and Amazing Couple

If I had to use 5 words to describe today's photo-shoot these would probably be it. Not only do they look awesome in the photos but they are awesome outside of the photographs. All of our brides and grooms are. Know what else is awesome? This blog post that features some teasers from today!


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