What makes a wedding?

Lots of different stuff. Planning, perseverance and persistence are the obvious ones. Things that all strong couples are able to come together and deliver. What makes a wedding isn't the beautiful venue or the amazing decorations. It isn't even the photographs we deliver afterwards. What makes a wedding are the people who are there to share it, contribute to it and be a part of it.

It's those really moving words said by a loved one

That's what makes a wedding to me. Like when I found out how much of Aimee's life has been dedicated to helping to make the planet a better place. It's how afterwards when I'm editing some photos and I notice a tattoo and I know I've seen it somewhere before and then I realize it's the tree of life and that it symbolizes wholeness and goodness.

It's the memories created

And this is what I love so much about the photography. A wedding is really all about creating memories with those closest to you. Your friends and family. Loves ones who live thousands of miles away. We come together in a common space and share this symbolic message of love and create memories. The photographs help solidify that, that's all. They help remind us of this amazing day everyone shared together. They bring us back, if only for the moment we gaze upon them.

Aimee & Michael

A couple in love. The perfect match. 

saraguay house wedding
Saraguay House Halifax, Wedding photos, Ceremony photos.
halifax wedding photos at york redoubt and the saraguay house
reception at the saraguay house, dance photos
black and white photo of a married couple at the bottom of the stairs