A proposal.

Shane came to us with about a month to go before his wedding to try and lock us down for his wedding.  I told him that I was, unfortunately, booked on his wedding day and I thought that was that.  I was disappointed because I sort of know Shane from around the community and I could tell he was a nice guy (just the type of client we like to work with).  But then, a lightbulb went off.  

We are problem-solvers.  

I realized that the super-secret, superstar photographer and founder of the East Coast branch of One Blue Fish Photography himself would be out here that weekend, helping me out with a busy weekend of shoots (that's just how we roll—I'm writing this from Nova Scotia to return the favour).  I contacted Shane immediately and he was all in and so excited to have my counterpart shoot his big day!  I met Shane and Marissa at a cafe in Sechelt and I immediately liked them.  They asked if they could bring a firetruck to their wedding to do portraits with.  I immediately said YES! but I was thinking OH HELL YEAH! (#bestpropever)

The engagement session.  

They wanted an engagement session and we did it two days later... INSIDE THE FIRE HALL!!!  I'd say I was like a kid in a candy store but I was more like a PHOTOGRAPHER IN A FIRE HALL!  We had a blast and they were absolutely fantastic to work with.  

Here are just a few teasers!