Great couple, awesome crowd.  If ever we could choose a family to party with, it would be this one.  There was laughter, there were tears, things were broken, Jenga battles were won and lost, and I will never ever be able to hear Beyonce's "Single Ladies" without thinking of Sharli's bridesmaids epic dance moves.  

Whenever we shoot a wedding, we get a sense of the love that exists between the bride and groom, but also the deep bonds of friendship and family that surround them.  What struck us at Sharli and Paul's wedding was not just how much they loved each other (which, by the way, was super obvious) but just how tight their group was.  It was clear that they had been through some pretty incredible adventures together over the years and the bond that existed between them was all but unbreakable.  Add to that, a surprise hockey cake, a stunning venue and, uh, endless beer and you've got the makings of an unforgettable wedding.  

Sharli and Paul, thank you for sharing your amazing wedding day with us.  We can't remember the last time working was so much fun!