Maternity photography sessions are especially meaningful to us.  We've been through the experience four times now, and each time is just as magical as the last (although my wife has used different words to describe it, from time to time).  

We first met Dan last year on the Rakish Angles shoot.  We liked him then, and we like him even more now.  He is what is referred to as a "solid dude" in some circles.  Plus, he makes his own guitars.  How cool is that?  

Signy was one of my wife's first friends when we first moved to the Sunshine Coast, oh so many years ago.  They are both teachers, so they immediately felt a connection.  She has always been warm and generous with the party invites, and we are so looking forward to seeing her enter this new phase of her life.  

Signy and Dan, we can't wait to see what amazing parents you two turn out to be!  If you need ANYTHING, we have a lifetime supply of baby stuff that's looking for a new home!  

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