How to make your guests say, "Whaaat!"

So you've bought the champagne and you were ready to pop it in celebration of completing the planning of your wedding day. Yay! Before you pop it though, have you considered any way to mark the end of the biggest day of your life? No? Aw snap. It's ok, you're here and that's what counts. Here is everything you need to know about a sparkler sendoff.

It's better to burn out than to fade away.

Neil Young wasn't talking about weddings with that line, but he might as well have been. It's often an after-thought for a bride or a wedding planner. With so much time and energy put into the planning process it's not surprising. I've shot a lot of weddings. A lot. Of course I always have the day mapped out with the bride and groom beforehand and I know if they have something planned to mark the end of the night. Sometimes it's one last picture on the dance floor announced by the DJ. Sometimes it's a last dance. Sometimes it's fireworks but mostly it's a sparkler send off. 

A sparkler send off makes a statement.

And they aren't just for birthday cakes anymore, either. A sparkler send off is when you buy a bunch of sparklers beforehand and then hand them out to your guests. Even better is if you get them with personalised sparkler tags, which totally up the originality!

Here is how you execute the best sparkler send off ever:

  1. Organize guests into two lines facing each other (outdoors, please!)
  2. Give each guest an unlit sparkler
  3. Instruct guests that once there sparkler is lit they are to hold sparkler above their head and form an arch with the person standing across from them
  4. Walk through sparkler arch as a newly wed couple
  5. Disappear into the night as newlyweds!

Obviously you can tweak this list as needed. In fact, I'd recommend you discuss this with your photographer before you attempt it. A professional wedding photographer will have experience with these send offs and will understand where to place people, the best way to light all the sparklers at once, and anything else that might pop up when you have guests who may be under the influence and handling pyrotechnics!

Don't forget the matches!

There are a few considerations. Firstly, obviously, when you are playing with fire it's a great idea to make sure you have precautions in place in case something catches. Secondly, bring the matches! Sparklers are a bit tricky, and if you've ever tried to light one you know that they can take a second or three to ignite. Trying to get all your guests sparklers burning at the same time could end up a bit like trying to herd kittens and get them all wearing the same sweater. So bring lots of matches. Thirdly, bring somewhere to dispose of them. A bucket of water is your best friend after the show is over. Just ask your guests to drop them in when they are done and you've just delivered an amazing end to a beautiful wedding.

Go get your sparklers and pop that bottle!

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