There's something about the summer wedding season

It just hit's us in all the right spots. There are some difficulties, sure, as any seasoned wedding photographer will tell you. Direct overhead sunlight is rarely out best friend, squinting guests push our scanning abilities into overdrive. But there is something that a midsummer wedding has that no other wedding can have.

Difficult conditions test limits

They test the limits of our gear and more importantly, they test the limits of ourselves. How would anyone ever get any better at their craft if they were never pushed to, or past, the breaking point. It reminds me of this awesome quote that is really fitting for the venue, it goes something like:

A ship in the harbour is safe, but that's not what ships are built for.

And flawless transition into marriage and love

There are so many parallels between your wedding day and the marriage you will be a partner in for the rest of your life. Take, for example, at the start of the wedding there is this kind of surreal feeling, almost ethreal, and that everything is just unfolding perfectly. That's kind of like the start of a relationship.

Then there are a few hiccups, inevitably, throughout the day. Something isn't delivered on time. A song isn't played as it should have been. The order of speeches and cake cutting get's all mixed up. (Or was it cake cutting, speeches and then dance? Garter toss? Are we even doing that?)

See, it's a lot like life. A lot of twists and turns but at the end you are sitting next the one you love the most surrounded by friends and family who mean the world to you, and you the world to them.

From my point of view, you see it best at a midsummer wedding.

It's raw. The colours are heightened, the heat makes everything seem more intense. There is contrast everywhere. It presents some really, really amazing opportunities. Jessie & Seth were surrounded by friends and family when they were married at St Mary's Boat Club. You could tell just by being present just how much they meant to all those around them as well as each other. That's amazing. That's one of the best things about this venture. I get to see all of this love live and direct.

st mary's boat club wedding panel, getting ready
st mary's wedding story telling