Love is a navigator

Love is a smile in traffic. Love is a glimpse over the shoulder of a friend or it could even be a lasting gaze in a place you least expect. Love is a sunrise and sunset, over the ocean with the absolute perfect amount of clouds on the horizon. Love is that perfect moment when you are at the beach by yourself and the tide is in between coming in and rolling away, your cell phone vibrates in sync with your heart and you know who it is before you reach in and pull it out of your pocket. Love is in your pocket. Love is a ring you feel over and over, making sure it's still there.

Love is in Nova Scotia and love is all around us. 

Love is a ship on the sea

It travels across vast distances with nothing to guide it but it's own direction. With unquestioning faith in the stars and in the darkness it moves across the sea silently cutting through the depths. The moon is a beacon that shines on it's decks illuminating the shadows and casting aside any areas that might harbour doubt or despair. It's a speck on an endless ocean, small in size but dwarfing the universe with it's intentions. 

A beginning, a middle, but never an end.

Love is dauntless. Love is everlasting. Love has been here and always will be. Those of us who are lucky enough to have someone to share love with know that there is no ending point, no finish or terminus. Love is what St Thomas Aquinas was describing when he delved into the infinite. 

Love is the smile of a bride on her wedding day

It's definitive. Needs no further explanation. When describing love one need look no further than a photo of Julia and her million dollar smile; the one that wouldn't stop beaming on the day she wed Ryan.  

Julia and Ryan Johnson