So there we were: Halifax Public Gardens, super busy holiday weekend. Sun shining bright. People everywhere. I had a shot in mind from months before when Nathan and I scouted out the park (again) for some new ideas. So this shot, let me tell you about it, there is this giant rhododendron (I think) in the Public Gardens. Nathan and I found an entranceway to this forbidden land under the tree, it was just off the path, almost asking to be explored. So we walk towards it, then BAM! Tree police! A park ranger came and told us that tree was off limits and that we could not go under it and we could not photograph it. Sad faces all around. 

Then yesterday came. Back to the Public Gardens. Erin & Andrew, an adventurous couple not easy to shy away from an off limits tree, they agreed to enter with me. We climbed through the undergrowth and I found one of the most beautiful backgrounds I've ever seen. The tree police did not interrupt us (It turns out the tree is no longer off limits during the summer - the ground has long since dried out) but it still felt exhilarating. We took some beautiful pictures that fit so well into this beautiful collection of photographs. 

Everything was perfect.