What do you know about Spring in Nova Scotia

Matt and Kayla were married April 16. A nice time of year for some outdoor spring photos, right? Well, if you like a fresh coat of brand new snow several inches deep it's a perfect setting. That's the thing about Nova Scotia. No one is safe when deciding on a wedding date. You could pick July 31 and end up with below 10 degrees and rain. You could elect for a Christmas wedding and end up with muted brown tones and not a flake of snow. Matt and Kayla are adventurers, explorers. A little snow wasn't going to stop them from celebrating the best day of their life.

From super tough athletes to super sweet couple

Some say opposites attract but I think it's just as true to say those who share similar interests attract. I've talked about before how these two are in excellent shape, Matt the pro boxer and Kayla the cross fit master. It's no surprise they ended up together. To achieve the kind of physical prowess these two have, a person needs a certain personality trait. I don't have a name for it but I know what some of it is made up of: integrity, devotion, dauntless attitude to the seemingly impossible and a little bit of devil may care for good measure. These are, of course, just a few traits that describe the all encompassing awesomeness that is 'Kayla and Matt.'

They are one; everything is a mirror

A lot of these personality traits are a great example of what it takes to form a strong, everlasting relationship with someone else. Someone you love and care about and will do anything you ever can to make sure they have the best life possible. Integrity and devotion? Those words should be stitched on their bathrobes! 'A dauntless attitude to the seemingly impossible.' Well, that's marriage by definition isn't it? We all know the sacrifice and compromise of marriage, essentially putting yourself second to your spouse, and then eventually third, fourth, fifth and so on when you have children. This isn't a surprise to anyone. What could make anyone want to put themselves second to anyone?


One word. Four letters. A lifetime of meaning. Love can make a person happy to make compromises and sacrifices in their own life. Love is what keeps a couple smiling at each other as the years go by. First, little lines start showing up on our faces, slowly, our hair begins to turn grey. Initially it's a surprise, a grey straggler in the morning you find on the vanity. Could it have come off the dog? ("No, not really", you say it to yourself just to stave off the imminent and always potent human trait of ageing) When you love someone you see far past any lines on their face, or silver hairs on their head. You see these things as a testament to the amazing person, the incredible spirit, that you so eagerly married so many years ago. Love isn't twisted, or delusional. Love takes us to a place we could never get to on our own. A place where earthly things don't matter. Love makes us soar and it makes us humble. Love shows us just what we can be capable of when we trust another, fully. Love is madness.  It's pure, unbridled madness. It's madness that we allow another to choose what program we are watching tonight. It's madness that we will make financial sacrifices to allow someone else to chase the opportunity that they always wanted. It's madness we give up our own identities for a shared one. It's madness that keeps a smile on your face as you grow old and lose your youthful vigor. It's madness when at night all you want is to feel your lovers hand in yours. It's madness that you would give up everything you've ever owned, everything you would ever become or have become, just to catch a glimpse of her face. There is nothing in the world more beautiful, or powerful, or uplifting to our souls. It is love, and it is madness.