Here are Julia & Ryan. The sweetest couple ever. They wanted a sunrise engagement session. They asked us for it! Usually, we are trying to convince our clients to try a sunrise session. Living in Nova Scotia, especially for those of us on the East coast of Nova Scotia, sunrises are extra spectacular. 

It's an early morning though, to catch a sunrise this time of year. We were at the beach at 6:45 in the morning. I'm no morning person so I have to hand it to myself for getting to the beach in time, also having everything I needed (I packed my lights, lenses, extra batteries and everything I'd need the night before, 4:45 comes early!) 

Julia, on the other hand, must be a morning person. Look at the photos and see how amazing she looks, how it looks like she just walked out of a 5 star salon. It's incredible!

After the sun had risen we made our way to one of the best little coffee shops in the city Two if By Sea we've shot in their cafe before and we love the setting and atmosphere of the place. 

Can't wait til your wedding day!


'The best is yet to come'