Rachel and Troy got in touch with us from PEI, we love doing weddings in PEI, but they were coming to our beautiful city to celebrate their big day. They set out to have the wedding on the Silva; it's a famous Tall Ship that operates off the Halifax Waterfront. Planning a wedding on the water? You have to really leave it up to fate that the weather will cooperate, which it did for these two! The backdrop of Halifax, the two bridges and George's Island really shine through in the photos, it's such a blast being able to be a part of these unique weddings. The girls spent the morning getting their hair and make-up done at Spirit Spa, which is conveniently located in down town Halifax. If you have visions of being pampered in a modern spa, look no further. Rachel was the epitome of an elegant, beautiful bride. Her dress choice was absolutely perfect and her choice of bridesmaid dresses, as well as nautical themed shoes tied everything together. 

We've been busy this summer, crazy busy, so busy that we sometimes find ourselves wondering where we are at with the post processing, it's a constant game of catchup once the month of April hits. When the wedding is finished and all the people who have travelled from all parts of the globe have returned to their homes the fine process of editing the photos begins for us. 

We wanted to get this set finished for Thanksgiving. Rachel and Troy will be meeting with their family again and it's a great opportunity for them to relive the wedding day. Today we will be spending time with our family. I know we will be reflecting on all of the wonderful brides and grooms and friends and families we were able to meet this year. This profession, it's such an amazing thing. Everyday I'm thankful for it.

Enjoy your turkey.