This Tall Ship Silva Wedding Cost Me My Camera... almost.

So it's a little bit of a lie. I didn't drop my camera overboard while capturing this super fun and exciting get together aboard the Tall Ship Silva. It really didn't cost me anything more than a ton of laughs and some wind in my hair.

Engagement photos on the Silva?!

Well, kind of. You've met Sarah and Terry before, we published their wedding on our blog only a few months ago. The thing is, there was an engagement photo session as well. It wasn't really an engagement session as much as it was a pre wedding celebration of love. 

What's a Silva, anyways?

I'm glad you asked. When we talk about 'taking pictures of the Silva' we aren't photographing that precious metal so closely linked with gold. We are talking about the Tall Ship Silva - a Halifax landmark. It's a really beautiful wooden sailing ship and if you've spent any time on the Halifax or Dartmouth waterfront you've most likely watched it drifting lazily through the Bedford Basin

Why is the Silva such an amazing choice for a wedding?

As you can see from the following photos everyone is having so much fun. As a photographer I love new and exciting things - I think we all do. I'm constantly looking for a different angle to shoot from and the Silva has plenty of those. In fact, I've been looked at as if I'm crazy on many different occasions by standing on a ledge or some other precipice to capture the shot in my mind. I haven't fallen overboard yet!

A few months later, but still just as magical:

It's never too late to remember this beautiful evening where so many of Sarah and Terry's friends and family came together to celebrate the love shared between them all. 

Tall Ship Silva Wedding Cost Me My Camera

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