I've known Jenny for what feels like forever.  We were camp counsellors together oh so many moons ago and my admiration for her has only grown over the years.  She might be one of the most amazing humans on the planet.  I don't want to compare her to some of the great figures in history, but I will at parties.  

Simon is one of those guys that can do anything.  Socccer?  No problem.  Master of the mandolin?  Done.  Human pyramid?  Easy.  Tennis ball chain whip?  Well... we won't go into that.  

When these two got together and decided to have kids, everyone who knew them knew that their future kids would have hit the genetic jackpot.  As legendary local Sunshine Coaster Josh Boyd put it one beer-soaked night: "They might be the first people to have mutant superpowers".  

Our lives have intertwined in many ways over the years.  We've raised families in parallel.  We've worked and played in the same circles.  We (literally) won the lottery when it was announced that Jenny would be our oldest child's first teacher, and we couldn't be more excited.  We feel privileged to be able to share the beautiful and majestic Sunshine Coast with them.  

We hope you enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed making them!  

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